Application Information

Application Information

***2022-2023 Program Calendar and Tuition are available here.***

2023-2024 Program

  • 4-day M-Th Classical Arts & Sciences (Sep-Dec 2023 and Feb-May 2024)
  • 1-day Fri Classical Arts & Trades (Sep-Dec 2023 and Feb-May 2024)
  • Two M-F 3-week Classical Arts & Trades (Aug 2023 and Jan 2024)

Welcome! We are so glad that you are interested in Sundial Classical Farmstead. Please read about our application, enrollment, and orientation process below. We wish to thank our prospective families for their patience throughout this process. We have put these steps in place to ensure that we have clearly communicated to parents what Sundial provides; and, to ensure that we are able to meet your family’s unique needs. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Step 1 – Initial Contact

Complete the initial 2023-2024 Family Contact Form as Part A of the application process for admission to SCF. Be sure you submit accurate email addresses as these will be used to give you access to the next phase.

Step 2 – Student Application
April-August, January

During the next open enrollment phase (usually April to August, and again in January) you will be sent a link for the formal application which is Part B of the application process.

Step 3 – Meeting In Person
April-May, January – observations available for qualifying families
April-August, January – interviews available for qualifying families

Upon review of your formal application, your family may be offered the opportunity to continue to Part C of the application process. This stage includes two activities: one optional and one mandatory. Families are offered the option of observing a class during April, May, and January. 

Families are required to interview with the Sundial Director. All prospective child(ren) and at least one parent/guardian, but ideally both, are required to attend this interview. You will be sent a link to a calendar to schedule the optional and/or required visits at your convenience.

Step 4 – Notice of Acceptance
First week of June 

The first round of acceptance letters will be sent during the first week of June. After that, applications will be accepted on a rolling basis as openings remain available. A family’s best bet to ensure admission is to apply as soon as possible after enrollment opens in April.

Step 5Registration Opens
June-August, January

If your child has been accepted, you will be sent an enrollment packet that can be completed online. We will also host in-person enrollment days to help parents complete paperwork and submit their first payment. Your child is only considered officially admitted, with a seat reserved for them, after all enrollment paperwork and the first payment are submitted.

Step 6 – Registration Closes

Fall enrollment closes at the end of August. Limited mid-year enrollment opens in January for students starting in the second semester. 

Step 7 – Orientation

New and existing families are invited to a meet-and-greet event before the first semester begins. Parents learn about future parent information events and volunteer opportunities. 

Step 8 – Parent Information Sessions
Year Round

Five information sessions, each two hours long, are offered throughout the school year. Families are required to send at least one parent/guardian to three out of five sessions as a requirement for re-enrollment the following year. The purpose of these sessions is to help parents understand classical education and to identify practices they may wish to bring into the home. They are also a wonderful opportunity for building our community that parents truly enjoy. 

Nondiscrimination Policy: Sundial Classical Farmstead does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, or sex in the administration of its admissions, scholarships, hiring or other organization-directed policies.