Arts & Trades Program

Arts & Trades Program

This program is still being developed. The details are pending.

Below you will find a sketch of some of the planned features of the program.

Who is this program for?

Any 7th through 12th grade student who homeschools or attends a private school. Students must complete an application to be accepted to the program. The application’s purpose is to ensure the student is ready for the independence, responsibility, and physical effort involved in completing the program. 

What is the curriculum?

  • Morning Program (8am-11am) – Life Skills: practical skills most adults will use to maintain their homes or as a hobby for enjoyment.

Examples: personal finance, knitting, basic automotive maintenance, fishing, food preservation, hiking and orienteering, campfire cooking, basic home carpentry, pottery

  • Lunch (11am-12pm) – students will prepare and serve a communal meal; students who do only the Morning or Afternoon programs are welcome to join us for lunch. 
  • Afternoon Program (12pm-3pm) – Farm Projects: long term projects intended to improve the land and generate income for the farm through the sale of food and products.

Examples: building and maintaining animal enclosures, animal husbandry, gardening, building and maintaining a fishery, tapping trees and making syrup, harvesting products and prepping them for sale at a farmer’s market. 

Where is it located?

On a working farm with a workshop, a body of water, wooded land, open meadows, a garden, and a greenhouse for a variety of learning experiences. Transportation to and from the farm is the student’s responsibility.


The program runs every Friday during the school year from 8am to 3pm. Students can attend either a half-day or the all-day program, depending on the number of credits they wish to earn. 

Who teaches these classes?

A certified teacher plans the curriculum in conjunction with local artisans. The teacher is on site during instruction to facilitate learning and assessment. The artisan guides students through practice of the skills being taught. 

Does this program earn credits?

Yes. Students have three options for earning coursework credits for their transcript.

  1. Attend the Morning Program, do two additional hours of reading outside of class each week, earn one credit each semester towards a Life Skills elective.
  2. Attend the Afternoon Program, do two additional hours of reading outside of class each week, earn one credit each semester towards an Agri-Science class. 
  3. Attend the Full Day program, do no additional reading but complete a capstone project on site with guidance from staff, earn two credits each semester towards an Integrated Consumer Math & Agri-Science class.